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Alright, so you're probably here because your digital vibe's been a bit, well, flat lately. It happens to the best of us. But fear not! Our Vitalize My Vibe package is like a defibrillator for your online presence. We're talking a full-scale revamp that'll have your digital realm buzzing with the kind of energy that turns heads and clicks into conversions. Imagine your biz's vibe getting a turbo boost, where engagement skyrockets and your message resonates louder than a concert speaker. Ready to electrify your online world? Stick with us.

Trigger Your Transformation

The Digital Void?

Tired of Yelling into





Ever felt lost in the vast online landscape? Pouring your heart into web content, only to face silence. Navigating the digital world can be akin to hacking through dense online foliage with inadequate tools.

Struggling to define your brand's essence is like rummaging through an infinite wardrobe for the perfect outfit. Aligning your creative vision with a cohesive brand identity? Trickier than anticipated.

Discovering a website resembling your brainchild on another platform. Realizing your "unique" brand vibe isn't so unique? We understand the challenge of standing out in a crowded digital arena.

Diving into Google bravely, only to unveil a website resembling a digital design disaster. Those late-night DIY sessions? While your dedication is commendable, an external perspective is overdue.

Trigger Your Transformation

"Steph’s designs are beyond perfect. She really takes your ideas and elevates them, exceeding any expectations."

 - Bri, Branna Price Hair

Shake Up Your

Digital Space

Consider us your sherpa on this climb to the summit of your future. Your tribe awaits, lured by the authentic vibes you exude. With our "Vitalize My Vibe" package, you're getting more than just a pretty logo; you're crafting a first impression, a rallying cry to those who align with your vision.

At Intervyx, we've ditched the cookie-cutter corporate rules and we're mixing a potent brew of strategy & artistry customized for your creative soul.

Trigger Your Transformation

Vitalize My Vibe

Our "Vitalize My Vibe" package isn't just a fanciful makeover; it's your ticket to becoming the digital goddess you were born to be. We're talking a cosmic revamp that'll have followers gravitating towards you, eager to bask in the awesomeness of your whole identity.

No more shouting into the void or getting lost in the static. With Intervyx by your side, you're not just making noise; you're starting a movement. Ready to make the digital realm sit up and take notice?

Trigger Your Transformation

what you can expect from us

Find Your Tribe

We’re on your target audience like white on rice, digging into the nitty-gritty to find out what makes them tick. Then, we'll take that info and craft a strategy and identity that's 100% you – so authentic, it’s like looking in a mirror.

Color Your World

Using color psychology to map your vibe, we'll find colors that speak "you" louder than words.

Making Your Mark

Crafting your logo set is an art where we connect deeply with your brand's essence. We infuse a touch of magic, blend in your unique identity, and voila, we create designs that transcend mere logos— they become the heart and soul of your brand.


Your brand's font silently represents your brand's vibe - professional, playful, or full of flair. Choosing the right font ensures your brand is well-dressed, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

You deserve to be Heard

Whether you're all about sass, class, or anything in-between, we're here to make sure your brand's voice is as unique as your fingerprint.

Second Glances

We totally get that sometimes it takes a bit to make something feel just right. That's why you've got 2 revisions included in the revision stage to tweak and tune until it feels like a glove.

The Vibe Guide

Imagine having the ultimate playbook, The Vibe Guide, as your brand's bible. It covers everything from flaunting your brand's swagger to defining your voice & tone, mastering social media, and creating stunning assets. 


We’ll give you templates that match your brand so you can get started putting your brand into action.

Craft Your Crib

Imagine having a digital canvas where we paint up to 10 pages of pure, unadulterated you-ness. Showit’s our tool of choice here, giving us the freedom to craft a website that’s as unique as your fingerprint, minus the smudges.

Making Connections

Got some cool tools you want to play nice with your site? We’re on it. Whether it’s that sleek booking system or the nifty newsletter service, we’ll integrate them so seamlessly, it’ll be like they’ve always been part of the gang.

Worth 1000 Words

Words matter. Like, a lot. We’re talking about crafting messages that stick with your audience longer than gum on a shoe. Our goal? To make sure every word on your site feels like a chat over coffee – engaging, meaningful, and maybe even a little fun.

Getting Noticed

Think of search engine optimization (SEO) as the secret sauce that helps people discover your digital masterpiece. We lay down the groundwork so your site isn’t just a gem, but a shining beacon. 

Putting Your Name on Her

This is like putting your name on your mailbox. Connecting your domain means making sure folks who are looking for you find you, not someone else. It’s your slice of the internet, after all. 

Media Makeover

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the right picture? That’s priceless. We’ll help you place your content and media so that your site doesn’t just talk the talk, but also walks the walk. 

trigger your transformation

Dazzling Results

Turn Digital Drab into






Illuminate your website's presence across all platforms, exuding a captivating charm that effortlessly grabs attention.

Envision a surge in online engagement. Get ready for a wave of likes, comments, and shares as the allure of your website becomes irresistible.

Experience a boost in sales metrics. Tailoring your website to resonate with your audience will drive more clicks on that purchase button.

Foster a loyal online community. These advocates will support you, rallying behind your mission because they share your values.

Gear up for a prominent online identity. Your website will embody quality - akin to recognizing a familiar face in a bustling digital landscape.

This is How We Do It

Phase FIVE: your coming out party

Phase Four: tweaking

Phase three: looking for a (de)sign

Phase Two: Finding yourself

Phase one: Data daddy collab

The Data Daddy Collab

Alright, we're kickstarting this party with something we like to call the "Data Daddy Collab." Introducing Kiersten, data science renegade being Algalytics, LLC. She'll start us out by wielding her number-crunching magic to spill the tea on the "what." She dives deep into the world of analytics, piecing together the puzzle of your digital landscape. It's all about understanding the nuts and bolts, like where your peeps hang out online and what makes them tick.

Then, there's Steph, our user research rockstar, who's all about figuring out the "why." She's on a mission to get under the skin of your ideal tribe, conducting interviews and surveys, and maybe even some undercover sleuthing (all above board, we promise). Steph's goal? To unearth the emotional triggers and golden nuggets of insight that make your audience hit that follow button.

Kiersten and Steph's powers combined are like a superhero duo for your brand. They’re not just throwing darts in the dark; they’re crafting your uniquely creative strategy with precision. With the what and the why under our belt, we’re ready to rock the digital world with a vibe that’s undeniably, irresistibly you.

Phase FIVE: your coming out party

Phase Four: tweaking

Phase three: looking for a (de)sign

Phase Two: Finding yourself

Phase one: Data daddy collab

Finding Yourself

Once we’ve heard from Kiersten and your vision is clear, it’s showtime for Steph. This lead strategist & designer is ready to craft a brand identity that’s 100% you. But remember, finding yourself goes beyond a logo on your website.

Steph delves into your brand’s soul, creating an identity as unique as your fingerprint. Think colors that resonate, typefaces that tell your story, and a style that screams “you.” It’s not just a look; it’s your brand’s voice, its essence - everything that makes people say, “wait, I know her!”

With Steph’s insight, your brand becomes something people don’t just see; they feel her. Each design choice aligns with Kiersten’s data insights, ensuring your brand resonates with your audience.

Phase FIVE: your coming out party

Phase Four: tweaking

Phase three: looking for a (de)sign

Phase Two: Finding yourself

Phase one: Data daddy collab

Looking for a (de)Sign

Alright, so Kiersten’s done her bit with the data dazzle, and your vibe's been totally decoded. What’s next? Enter the zone with Showit, and it’s time for our digital Picasso, Steph, to work her magic. This isn’t about slapping your logo onto a template and calling it a day. Nah, we’re crafting a digital kingdom that’s all you.

Steph dives deep into the essence of what makes your brand tick. We’re talking colors that pop and scream YOU, fonts that weave your story across the web, and layout vibes that scream originality. This is where your brand does more than just show up; it makes a grand entrance on the digital scene.

With every pixel placed, your website transforms into a space that not only looks bomb but feels like home. Guided by Kiersten’s golden nuggets of data, Steph ensures your site isn’t just visually stunning but strategically designed to connect, captivate, and convert your dream clients.

Phase FIVE: your coming out party

Phase Four: tweaking

Phase three: looking for a (de)sign

Phase Two: Finding yourself

Phase one: Data daddy collab


Ok, picture this: Steph’s just turned your vibe from meh to WOW. But hold up, we know getting it spot-on straight out of the gate is kinda rare. That's where the sweet step of revising swings in. You've got two golden shots to make your site really sing your tune. Not feeling that homepage layout? Think the call-to-action button is playing hide and seek a bit too well? Chill, we’ve got you.

This is your chance to play, "What if we..." and honestly, it's what turns a good site into your dream digital hangout. We're not just tweaking; we're co-creating perfection here. Ready to roll up your sleeves and fine-tune your site with us? 'Cause we’re all about making your web space feel like the coolest spot on the internet block.

Phase FIVE: your coming out party

Phase Four: tweaking

Phase three: looking for a (de)sign

Phase Two: Finding yourself

Phase one: Data daddy collab

Your Coming Out Party

Steph won't just hand over your files and wish you luck. She guides you through every detail of your new brand identity & strategy with The Vibe Guide, as well as explaining the decisions behind your website design. Steph equips you with tools and knowledge to bring your vibe to life and resonate across all platforms.

Need social media templates? Done. Want eye-catching business cards? Just ask! It's not just about having a cool first impression; it's about putting you back in your business every day. Ready to conquer the world with your vibe shining like a beacon? Get ready, my friend, that's what's about to happen.

"Steph has impressed me beyond belief with her talent for design."

 - Emma, high tide beauty bar

I'm the designer your mama warned you about.

I'm Steph, your go-to guru for harnessing the wild tangle of your creativity. I've mastered the art of spinning chaos into gold, and I'm all about helping you design an experience that wows your community while filling your pockets.

I didn't have a single creative bone in my body.

I went from a routine-addicted corporate life and tripping over doubts, to the kickass architect of digital dreams that I am today. As one of the many laid off in 2020, I found my true calling deep in the wilds of design. Now, I'm flipping the script for creative underdogs, crafting digital marvels that unite and ignite. So here’s to turning chaos into crowns, misfits into monarchs, and a life story worth telling. Stick with me, and let’s make some waves.

hey babe

I used to believe

Trigger Your Transformation

Vitalize My Vibe

Full website design (up to 10 pages)

Copywriting  in your brand voice

Content & media optimization

Third party software implementation

Foundational SEO

2 revisions

Domain connect


Branded marketing templates

Research & strategy

Brand voice

Color palette

Custom logo packages

Brand pattern

Font files

Brand Guidelines

Oh, where do we even start? Imagine this - you're all dressed up, looking sharp for a first date. That's exactly what your website is in the digital world. It's like rolling out the red carpet for your dream clients. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, right? Your website is the front door to your biz; it can either welcome folks in for a cozy chat or send them sprinting in the opposite direction. In an age where everyone Googles everything, having a slick, user-friendly website is your golden ticket. It tells your story, showcases your brand, and, most importantly, convinces those dream clients that, yes, they absolutely need what you're offering. Don't have one? Well, you're practically a ghost – and not the cool, haunting type.

Why does having a website even matter?

"Expensive" is a matter of perspective when you're investing in your business's future. You're not just purchasing a pretty website; you're investing in a comprehensive, strategic package that's a bargain compared to many other designers in the industry (who charge upwards of $30k.) Moreover, our prices are crafted with care for aspiring entrepreneurs who are not swimming in cash...yet.

Why is the Vitalize My Vibe package so expensive?

Absolutely! We're not about chasing dreams on empty pockets. Our payment plans are like a good friend — flexible and understanding. We just require the first deposit to be paid before we start the project work, and the last payment right before our final launch of your brand or website. Because every creative deserves a shot at an epic brand story without the financial hangover.

Do you offer payment plans?

Building a website around your brand takes time. Our timeline is set at a cozy 8-10 weeks. This initial period allows us to capture your biz's true essence. The longer the collaboration, the stronger the bond - especially if you have specific enhancements in mind.

How long does it take to vitalize my vibe?

Just whipping up "just a website" is like saying you only need air to live – technically true, but it's not going to get you very far. Here, we're about creating a digital fortress that stands tall and proud around your brand. We don't do the bare minimum because your brand deserves the full VIP treatment – a website that's not just a website, but a beacon for your biz.

And a solitary logo without its brand family? Lonely and ineffective. We're like matchmakers for your business, creating a full brand identity that connects with your dream audience and lasts a lifetime. Trust us; you don't want to skimp on sustainable business relationships.

Can you make me "just a logo? or "just a website?"

No pressure. If it's not time to put a ring on it, start with our $379 website walkthrough. It's like pre-marital counseling for your site. Plus, you'll get $300 off of any package within a 12-week phase after our strategy session.

 You can learn more and book your website walkthrough here.

What if I'm not ready to make the investment?

Due to the digital nature of our work, we don't offer refunds. Our team dives heart-first into understanding your dream client — it's a bespoke labor of love. Once we've tied the knot with our research and strategy, we've committed. We can design and build you the house, but you'll ultimately be responsible for cleaning and maintaining it.

Do you offer refunds?

With the "Build My Brand" package, you're getting:
- Target Audience Research & Data Analysis
- Brand voice
- Custom Color Palette
- Logo with files
- Brand Pattern
- Font Files
- Brand Guidelines (The Vibe Guide)
- Editable Digital Marketing Templates
- Full Website Design (up to 10 pages)
- Copywriting in your brand voice
- Domain Connect
- Third Party Software Implementation
- Content & Media Optimization
- Foundational SEO
- 2 Revisions

We also offer the following add-ons:
- Additional revisions: $75 each
- Additional Page (over page allotment, under same domain): $129
- Ad-Hoc Edits Post-Launch (3 month minimum retainer required): $99/month
- Landing Page (Separate from Site Build): $479 each
- Additional offshoot brands under your larger umbrella brand: $479 each
- Physical products: price varies

What do I get with the Vitalize My Vibe package?

Join the ranks of small biz creatives, fierce womanpreneurs, creative mavens, and everyone else rewriting the rules. It’s your time to own the spotlight.

Vitalize Your Vibe

Are you ready to

Trigger Your Transformation

Trigger Your Transformation

Intervyx designs intentional brand identities and websites for renegades, creatives, and adventurers.

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