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Think about the best client you've ever had. Yeah - the one who made your leap into small business worth it. Wish all of your clients were like that, but find yourself saying "yes" to the wrong clients out of necessity? That's where we step in, wielding our creative wizardry like a badge of honor. 

Picture us as rebellious mapmakers navigating the uncharted chaos of your small business, ensuring your unique brilliance shines for the clients you truly want to work with.

From a website that siren calls to your tribe, to a brand identity that's unapologetically you, we're here to turn the dial up on what you thought was possible. We're talking mood, vibe, and a flair so bright, your dream clients will need shades. 

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We're not just any design agency - we're your gateway to breaking the mold and shining in a one-of-a-kind spotlight. Intervyx amplifies your brand's voice to draw in dream clients with a rebellious edge. Get to know the brilliant minds that fuel our endeavors and embody the essence of our brand—upbeat, passionate, and relentlessly empowering. 

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Daydream Work

— Kennedy

"Steph always displays her passion and creativity when creating and designing incredible websites. She is patient and always focuses on the client's needs, while also providing insights as to how their websites can perform better to drive more traffic."

Our approach isn't conventional, and thank god for that. We're the outlaws of design, a little moody, super strategic, and intuitively creative. We haul up those anchor-heavy branding missteps you've been agonizing over and set you sail towards growth, recognition, and a business that doesn't just survive—it thrives.

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Ready to turn your website from a ghost town into the life of the digital party? Enter the Sculpt My Site Package. It’s like giving your website a glow-up that’ll turn heads like a digital Mia Thermopolis Renaldi. We’re talking design tailored to your tribe, killer content, and some serious YOU thrown back into your business, as God herself intended. Because why settle for being a needle in the haystack when you can be the magnet?

Sculpt My Site

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Got an eye-popping idea but your brand's looking meh? Say hello to the Brand My Biz Package. From thorough research and strategy to striking logos and fonts — we've got you covered like the perfect alibi. Plus, editable digital marketing templates to keep your brand buzzing.

Brand My Biz

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Need a little bit of both? Good. That's our favorite kind of project. Time to zap some life into your biz with the Vitalize My Vibe Package. Imagine both your brand and website going from zero to hero, bringing the flavor and color back like it's on a reality TV makeover show. We're mixing a concoction of research, color psych, and that secret sauce that makes your audience go, "Where have you been all my life?" (plot twist - the secret sauce is you.) Get ready to become the biz that’s not just seen but felt by a community that actually knows your worth.

Vitalize My Vibe

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It's cool; we get it - the starving artist who makes it big. If you'd rather just dip your toe in first, schedule a walkthrough of your current website with us. We'll walk through your site and your creative chaos, and let you know what we notice right away from a design perspective. And if you decide that you do want to book with us after your strategy sesh, you have 12 weeks to use your $300 discount towards any of our design packages! Just don't forget us when you're famous.

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Trigger Your Transformation

Intervyx designs intentional brand identities and websites for renegades, creatives, and adventurers.

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